Trademark Registration Experts

Registering a trade mark is one of the most important ways for a business to protect its intellectual property. However, for many small businesses, the prospect of registering a trademark can be daunting, and if not managed correctly has the potential to be costly and time consuming. We offer free advice on how to register a trademark and all brand name protection issues.


Trademarkit LLP are experienced in all matters relating to UK trade mark registration, European trade mark registration, and International trademark registration. We can carry out trademark searches and advise you on the best options for the successful registration of your trademark. Trademarkit aim to provide high quality advice and trademark registration at low fixed fees. Whatever your business circumstances, we will do our best to make registering your trademark as simple and affordable as possible.

UK Trademark Registration, UK Trademark Search & UK Intellectual Property

A UK trade mark registration will give you exclusive rights to use your trademark in the UK for those products covered by the registration. Registering a UK trademark will enable you to prevent others from using not only the same trade mark, but also any confusingly similar trademarks in certain circumstances. Only a trademark registration will provide this legal right. We offer expert but affordable UK trademarking services. We can help you register a trademark or brand name with our low-cost trademark registration services including free advice on all aspects of trademarks.



European Trademark Registration

In Europe, a trademark may be protected either by filing national trademark applications within individual countries, or across the whole of the European Union by means of a European Union Trade Mark registration. An EU trademark is a single registration that protects your mark in all EU Member States.

International Trademark Registration

We provide international trademark registration through the Madrid Protocol system, which facilitates the registration of international trademarks in countries around the world. Through this system, you can extend a UK or EU trademark to many other countries. We also offer affordable trademark registration in the USA and many other countries. We will be happy to advise you on how to trademark your brand overseas.


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